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VISA Lottery in Australia Canada & USA

If you are Apply or want to find out more information about Australia Canada & USA  green card lottery, please read on for the complete information.

We recommend that you complete the Application form and you will be notified if your country becomes eligible for each year’s green card lottery, or if any other changes are made to the official US government diversity visa program.

Fifty thousand green card lottery visas are distributed every year to applicants from 6 regions.

If you are from Africa you are able to get a chance to enter the US via this lottery

Eligibility for the Visa

of the qualifying countries as a proof of your nativity to be eligible for the continental quota allotted for your region.

  • You were born in Australia or Africa or in one of the eligible countries.
  • You might be eligible if your spouse is an Australian or a citizen fromone of the qualifying countries to be eligible by virtue of nativity.
  • Even if you do not qualify for the country of birth requisites by the above two conditions,you might be able to apply for the green card lottery if either one of your parents were born in Australia or in one of the qualifying countries by virtue of nativity of your parent˜s birth.

How to Apply

Therefore, if you are interested to apply and try your luck, you should definitely do so, but make sure that you follow the strict guidelines set by the US department of state for the application process. It is unfortunate that a high proportion of applicants from all over the world are disqualified as a result of improper submission of their applications, which can be easily prevented by familiarizing yourself with the guidelines for the application and the supporting passport photograph.

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