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Amazon’s Jeff Benzos $33 Million Grant Scholarships for Undergraduates and Post-Graduates

Amazon.com Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos is granting $33 million in college scholarships

The grant, made by Mr. Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, will fund 1,000 scholarships for students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, status, the group said in a press release.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Undergraduate program, graduate program, master program, MBA program and PhD program.

Field of Study: Scholarships are awarded to study any program offered by any university of your choice in United States Of America

Eligibility: The recipients of this award will have achieved very high levels of academic excellence combined with an outstanding record of leadership and service(not compulsory). Students with a high school average above 50% are encouraged to apply. Not for non Africans.

Benefits of this Scholarship:

  • Full-tuition scholarships fee.
  • Accommodation.
  • Free visa.
  • Weekly allowance.
  • Travel allowance.
  • Family allowance (if married).
  • Health insurance coverage.

Nationality: Citizens of all African nations are eligible to apply



  • All application is online on this platform and kindly select carefully your program of study and upload all the necessary documents required for your program.
  • All communication goes through the mail you have provided on your application form.

How To Apply:

  • Fill up the online applications for scholarship programs on this platform.
  • Upload your transcripts form to the online application.
  • write a statement of purpose.This should convey your interest,academic qualification and your goals.
  • Submit the application online when all the necessary documents required are completed.

Follow Online Application to Proceed with the Form registration


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  1. am webby musonda from Zambia I have
    7-chemistry and physics
    I would like to apply for this scholarship

  2. Tatenda forbes chibamu

    I am Tatenda Forbes chibamu I would like to apply this scholarship with the available qualifications in Zimbabwe …how can I get the form

  3. Nouhou moussa leila

    Etudie of médecine

  4. khadar houussein guirreh

    je souhaite continue mes Etudes en usa qui une des renomme internationale en matière de Education

  5. Dawud Abduro Hamdo

    My name is Dawud Abduro Hamdo from Ethiopian and I have bachelor degree in computer science from Addis Ababa University 2017 GC. I would like to apply for the scholarship that offered by your companies.

  6. Dawud Abduro Hamdo

    My name is Dawud Abduro Hamdo from Ethiopian and I have bachelor degree in computer science from Addis Ababa University graduate of 2017 and I would like to apply for the scholarship that offered by your companies.


  8. Erasters Masiya from Zimbabwe l have O level with the following subjects:
    English language C
    Geography. C
    Commerce C
    Integrated Science B
    History A
    Religious Studies D

    I would like to apply this scholarship

  9. I would like to apply for the scholarship

  10. Bonjour messieurs et dames je viens auprès de votre haute bienveillance solliciter une obtention de bourse pour aller étudier aux États-Unis pour des meilleures conditions d’étude et d’apprentissage pour être un meilleur cadre de demain afin d’investir pour les USA et à y entreprendre des sociétés pour le développement financier et économique du pays

  11. Iam very interested because iam becholour of accounting and finance I need master programs

  12. Please i would l’île to apply to Amazon’s Jeff scholarship how can i do ?

  13. Pls how do I get the application form

  14. Godefay Negussie Kahsay


  15. Hello.
    In this article, it is said that the Scholarship is available for residents of African nations but on the DreamUs website, it seems like if the Scholarship is only available for American citizens.
    If it’s available for Africans, Can you please share a link on which African residents can fill in their application? If you find it.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  16. How can I get the form to apply


    Very good work

  18. Please send me the application form.

  19. An Esther Kawina from zambia, i want to study Master degrée in sciences specifically Biology, how do i Apple and what are the revirements needed for me to apply ? Waiting to hear from You.

  20. may nam is Gebre belayneh i have Bsc degree in statistics in wku we have two year worke exprianes by data collecting and evalotion may pho no 0937873884

  21. Bonsoir ,je suis un nouveau bachelier j’aimerai avoir une boursse pour etudier a l’etranger

  22. Please how do I get the forms

  23. Bonsoir, je suis un nouveau bachelier je voudrai que vous m’aidier a obtenir une boursse pour etudier a l’etranger

  24. kemgang gires njinke

    I’m from Cameroon and will like to get the online application form please how do i go about it?

  25. Je suis Isaac Bikwaku de la République Democratique du congo je veux bien avoir cette bourse

  26. Safar Bouni AbdelHakim

    hi my name is safar bouni abdelhakim,im from algeria, i finished my study as a veterinarian Dr (in 5 years of formation in the university with a general average above 14/20) in the last july ,and i was motivated to study more ive been accepted to continue my M2 in microbiology which i suppose to finish in this july 2019,so, after that im planning to continue my study in your country ,if you will give me the honor of your approbation by giving me a scholarship fully funded,id like to know what will be my position there (equivalency level),ill be so grateful for any other suggestions or orientations,i appreciate your help again ,thank you very much

  27. 1-chimie

    • Omar sheıkh hassan sheıkh ahmed

      My name omar sheıkh hassan ,somalı,I ama bacholer degree of medıcal laboratory scıence I am very interested because I need master programs. I would like to apply this scholarship Please send me the application form.
      My gmaıl ıs omarxa1993@gmaıl.com

  28. I’m really interested.i’m from congo.Actually our universty is on strike and then the conditions to study here are not good.please i need this scholarship

  29. Please consider Me as an applicant. I’m a Liberian , a student of professional nursing.

  30. Castiano Francisco armando

    I’m good at english,maths,geograph,philosophie and more subjects,i would like to study in that university.

  31. Please how do I get the application form.am a student in political science n want to study international relations and shapern my leadership skills

  32. Am interested so how can i apply

  33. Please how can i get the application form because I am interested in the scholarship

    • Ateh Joel fonmba fofuh

      How can I get the application form.

    • Feyisa Takele kure

      I am Ethiopian student. I graduated by electrical engineer from Mizan Teppi university. I fully agree with your current policy and your company regulation. I am ready to learn at any time call me .
      My telephone number is+251922947430

  34. Help me with application form

  35. I am Orakpor from Nigeria i would like to apply for this scholarship. How can I get the form.

  36. I’m interested , how can I apply .

  37. First. I’m thankul for my role model Jeff Bezos for great thing He has done here for Africans that make him more literally different from rests like of bil gate and Mark Zuckerberg, He’s Beautiul human being .
    Literally as Am young African i would like to apply here am good in some nice subjects As follows.
    Chemist And i’m in my first yr and i know two international languages likes
    1.English both British and American
    2.French (français)
    SO i Will be waiting for your great answer.

  38. Lateef Abdul Sadick

    I will like to apply for this scholarship opportunity. How do in apply? Thanks

  39. how to apply for this scholarship?

  40. Ateh Joel fonmba fofuh

    I poccess all these criterias but how can I get the form?

  41. Feyisa Takele kure

    I am Ethiopian student. I am graduated by electrical engineering from Mizan Teppi university . I have full interested to learn masters degree program . But due to lack of money I can’t continue my education. I am ready to learn at any time and I fully agree your current policy and any other your company regulation
    My telephone number is +251922947430
    Email: feyisa2018kure@gmail.com

  42. Am Joshua Owusu.
    I have my master’s in mathematics education.
    Please, how can I get access to the form and fill it.
    Am resident of Africa from Ghana.

  43. Feyisa Takele kure

    I am Ethiopian student. I am graduated from Mizan Teppi university in electrical engineering.i am fully interested if I get your scholarship.i fully agree with your current policy and your company regulation. I am ready to start education as soon as you inform me .
    My telephone number is 251922947430
    With best regards
    Feyisa Takele kure

  44. I’m Matty and I’ll like to apply for an undergraduate degree. How will I apply please. I’m interested in the scholarship.

  45. I am interested in studying in the USA at a master degree level

  46. Am Beatrice mwange from Zambia,I really need the scholarship….am interested I have a bachelor’s in law.

  47. I am a Malawian aged 21 with a highest qualification of Malawi school certificate of education(msce).Am wiling to apply.How can I find a form for appl

  48. Hi I am very passionate to become a pilot and I see this opportunity as a stepping stone to achieve my dreams and help contribute to the whole world and I would like to apply for this scholarship. I am from Ghana. Thanks for this opportunity

  49. I can not find the link to apply. Is their anybody who can drop the link?

  50. My name is daniel yosief.i need master degre in mechanical eng .thanks for ur support

  51. My name is KHATTARA Toufik , i am from Algeria, i am studying mechanical engineering in plytechnical school of Oran, i will have my engineering diploma this year after 5 years of styding, i am so interested to complete my styding in USA.

  52. Bigirimana Jean de Dieu

    I am Bigirimana Jean de Dieu from Rwanda interested with the scholarship .how can I get the application form in order to proceed my application.

  53. Am a high school leavers completed in 2016.i am in need of a scholarship that will help me persue tertiary education. Have no sponsorship that can help me study further.
    Please your response will be highly appreciated.

  54. I really interested in this scholarship programme to pursue Masters in Accounting and Finance. I am a graduate in Bsc Applied Accounting at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM ), University of Sierra Leone. I would be highly grateful if I am considered for this programme, I will be looking foreward to hearing from u. My contact is : +23299461888.
    Thanks in advance.

  55. Bonjour, j’aimerais continuer mes études en électromécanique j’ai un DUT

  56. I’m Gultie Hailu Kenea From Addis Ababa; Ethiopia. I do have Msc in urban management. So I intended to continue my research in Internagional business adminstration or international relation or international conflict resolution of PhD. So wuold you please help me to fulfil my intention.

  57. Can I have the link for the online application form

  58. I’m interested in this scholarship to study masters in social policy in USA! I have Bsc sociology from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria.

  59. Hi dears, im deeply interested by that scholarship.It’s a dream for me to go to usa for studying. Help me achieving that. I’m from Ivory Coast. Just an acceptation will change my destiny. Here , im studying economics and projects management.

  60. Am interested in studying at degree level

  61. I have an undergraduate degree in Quantitity surveying and l would like to apply for a scholarships so that l can do my masters. I am not seeing the link for the online application on this plartform kindly assist.

  62. how to apply for this scholarship please

  63. Bonjour je voudrais faire un phD en santé publique. Je souhaiterais le formulaire d’application

  64. I am Sabrina Kassim from Tanzania, I’m very interested with the program and the Amazon team a d I would like to apply for the scholarship

  65. I Wiseman Siriro from Zimbabwe, lm really looking for a scholarship to pursue my studies in the field of aviation and airways science/actuarial science .At Advanced level, l have been taking 2 pure commercial subjects namely accounting and business studies and also 2 science subjects namely computer science and geography
    O level l passed with the following
    Geography. A
    Accounting. A
    Commerce. A
    Integrated science. A
    Shona. A
    Religious studies. A
    History. A
    English language . A
    Computer science . A
    Biology. A
    Chemistry A
    Physics. A
    Business studies . A
    Mathematics. .B

  66. How can l get online application form to apply for a scholarship

  67. I can very respectfully after you for request a scholarship university.
    Indeed for a formation of quality in order to be competitive about of the market of employment.
    I want to do energy or geo-mine.
    In the suit favorable please agreed to my expression of distinguished. My telephone number is :626883851

  68. I would like to find out where to get the online application form from.

  69. I would like continues my studies at master dergre on canada university or anywhere.

  70. I have tried to look for the application form link but have not got one

  71. Please how can i get the forms

  72. satut comment cava?? moi benjamin de la nationalité de la République Démocratique du Congo avec un Diplôme d’État je viens au près de vous, vue cette opportunités, j’aimerais continuer mes études universitaire aux État Unis. merci d’agréer mes sentiment le plus distinguer….

  73. Greetings
    My Name is ABANDA Marcel from Cameroon. Please i want to apply for the Program. How can i go about it please?

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